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CityConnect from Pinacl is the brand name for our growing portfolio of Public WiFi deployments. Our CityConnect networks are designed to provide sufficient bandwidth for a fast and secure user experience. Our solutions utilise industry leading technology to deliver a resilient, easy to use, social friendly user experience.

How to get online with CityConnect

When in range of a CityConnect network ( for example, in York the network is called CityConnectWiFi) simply select in your WiFi options to connect and open up a browser (if one doesn't open automatically).

Users can then choose to log into the networks via Social media or simple registration form. In the majority of locations seamless login is enabled so once the initial login has been completed, the user can get back online during any repeat visits by simply opening up a browser when in range of the network.

CityConnect is Fast, Friendly and FREE and is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

To help users get connected we have created the below video (set in York) which shows how easy it is to connect to our network! This video will also feature in the Visit York tourism office to help Visitors get connected.

We hope you enjoy it...

Where is CityConnect available?

You can get online in York across the majority of City Centre locations (as indicated in green on the map) and at all six outlying Park and Ride terminals.

Our network has been Friendly WiFi accredited (making York the first City in the world to receive this) which shows our dedication to protecting users from inappropriate content.

Another CityConnect solution (Aberdeen CityConnect) is available across 31 publicly accessible Council buildings in the Granite City, including libraries, community centres and the Maritime Museum.

A similar solution (Newport Community Cloud) has been deployed in the City of Newport, with FREE public WiFi now available in over 50 Council buildings. A concession based network (NewportCityConnect) has recently gone live across key parts of Newport City Centre including Upper Dock St, Corn St, Skinner St, Riverfront theatre, train station, information station, Cambrian road, Newport market and the bus station.