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Why Dark Fibre is a worthwhile investment

The business world has changed dramatically and businesses now realise the increasing benefits that hosted technology brings. As more and more core business applications become cloud based, this drives the need for more bandwidth. 

Dark Fibre is a term applied to unlit point to point fibre connections. Dark Fibre networks enable clients to connect their own active equipment to each end of the fibre connections using their preferred technology and delivering the speeds/bandwidth they require e.g. 10Gbs. Dark Fibre provides a resilient network that is scalable and has the capacity to grow in line with organisations’ increasing bandwidth demands.

A typical Dark Fibre solution delivers a City or Campus wide network that connects separate client buildings and assets, usually based on a resilient ring topology. Connections can be made from large enterprise sites to the nearest Data Centre or exchange building for reliable high speed multi-service connections.

The University of Leicester had a requirement to replace their existing wide area network (WAN) with a resilient network connecting two Data Centres and twenty one buildings. Their old Dark Fibre network was based on Dark Fibre which the existing network provider no longer supported. Their existing provider only offered the option to upgrade their network to a supported platform based on traditional telecom circuit costs with annual rentals based on bandwidth required. Dark Fibre networks from Pinacl are not based on bandwidth requirements and Pinacl offer customers many payment options such as leasing the line to gaining ownership of their network.

Pinacl offers flexible financial options to suit the needs of their customers. Leicester opted to purchase the Dark Fibre network outright meaning that they now have a virtually cost free network for the duration of the Fibre networks life (typically 30+ years). Despite the upfront cost, Leicester University made a Return On Investment in just 18 months and will continue to make significant cost savings year on year.

Aberystwyth University opted for a similar solution whereby they decided to purchase the Dark Fibre infrastructure as opposed to a lease purchase agreement.

There are many benefits to be gained from owning a Dark Fibre asset. Ownership of a futureproof networking environment alleviates the typically high ongoing annual rental charges associated with legacy leased line circuits. Another benefit of Dark Fibre is the near “limitless” bandwidth of the network which allows for additional connections and equipment to be added at a very low cost.  

An example of how a Dark Fibre network can revolutionise Digital projects can be seen in the City of York. Pinacl designed and installed a Dark Fibre network to connect a number of disparate council buildings, schools and libraries to break down inter-council silos and create a resilient platform that supports future growth.  The solution enables other services such as traffic management and CCTV circuits which run on the back of the Dark Fibre infrastructure.

Pinacl can deliver a fully integrated, secure, reliable, and flexible managed network infrastructure that enables you to get on with your day-to-day operations in the knowledge that your network is scalable and future proof.

With over 30 years of experience, Pinacl has the knowledge, expertise, experience and capability to design, install and most importantly project manage your solution, ensuring it is tailored to meet your requirements.

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