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Pinacl delivering internationally through our global alliance

The Pinacl Global Delivery Alliance (PGDA) is an association of like-minded, accredited, and experienced organisations which provides a single route to market for all aspects of IT delivery on a global basis. All of Pinacl’s clients look for services that meet their complex business needs and challenges, while effectively reducing costs and driving flexibility whilst improving performance.

What benefits can the PGDA bring to your organisation? 

  • Single route to market with online portal visibility – This enables you to benefit from our established supplier partnerships 
  • Process and Procedures – This ensures that Pinacl’s delivery model is lean and effective which ensures that Pinacl can find effective and efficient ways of delivering projects to it’s customers. 
  • Global service level agreements (SLA) & key performance indicators (KPI) – This ensures that established SLA are mutually agreed before the project to ensure the expected level of customer services is maintained throughout the project. 
  • Quality assurance and governance – Quality is an inherent part of our service delivery and Pinacl continuously monitor and measure performance levels. 

The PGDA global catalogue includes: 

  • Managed network infrastructure – whether it is structured cabling for your Campus or Data Centre location or high speed connectivity across a town, city or region through cabling installation and remediation Pinacl are equipped globally to help.  
  • Managed services – Managed service contract provides its customers improved network availability, reliability and resilience to failure. The PGDA offers comprehensive managed services and support portfolio that can be tailored to specific requirements. Pinacl’s Global Delivery Alliance offers a range of flexible, end to end SLA driven services that will manage and monitor your networks. 
  • Managed wireless – PGDA can implement global WiFi solutions and tailor services to individual customer requirements. Our partners are leading vendors.

How does it Work? 

Pinacl has gained strategic alliances with international companies to deliver service solutions on behalf of our customers request on a global basis. By ensuring that we have PGDA offices located in strategic areas across the globe ensures we can deliver complex IT, network infrastructure, and schedule installations 24/7. 

Each PGDA member is signed up through a ‘managed service agreement' (MSA) which enables membership to the alliance. The MSA ensures only the best organizations in terms of experience; accreditations; qualifications and project delivery are accepted. 

The PGDA utilises its global network to deploy our catalogue of services at a consistently high level of quality. Using the alliance ensures customers benefit from having a single route to market with online portal visibility. Pinacl Global Delivery Alliance ensures high levels of quality thanks to its access to a large pool of skilled accredited work force. This mitigates the risk of increasing costs and expense by contracting unknown, unproven local businesses. As well as having the right people with the right skills and industry experience to deliver services, our global alliance partnerships mean that we can also deliver them from elsewhere in the UK or in other countries across the globe. 

Our Work so far

Pinacl has completed projects for organisations in over 52 countries which includes providing advanced wireless RF services for a multinational bank on behalf of Dimension Data. This included completing on site WiFi surveys, providing full spectrum analysis, and creating a report highlighting issues discovered and state recommendations. 

We have also completed several large global structured cabling projects. Recent examples include working with construction companies such as Caverion and ESH completing building fit outs for their end clients.  

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