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Solving Common Problems through “Warehouse as a Service” (WaaS) applications

Technology is one of many tools that organisations use to help solve problems. Software can be an essential asset to small or large organisations as it has the ability to collect and analyse data to provide solutions to potential problems. 

Pinacl has successfully been providing enhanced warehousing services to a British High Street Bank. Over the last 12 months Pinacl has found traction in solving common problems that our customers experience by implementing innovative Warehouse as a Service (WaaS) applications.

Warehouse as a Service is an outsourcing model which provides storage resources as well as software that provides real time management of stock that is scalable to a global level.

The Problem 

From spending time with several of our customers the common challenges identified include:

  • Disparate systems and records of stock
  • No backups of disparate systems of stock
  • Singular regionalised stock views
  • Lack of centralised processes for managing stock
  • Inability to ship out of stock equipment
  • Inaccurate warehousing cost control
  • Lack of reconciliation between stock and production equipment resulting in excessive costs associated to incorrect hardware maintenance cover

The Solution

Pinacl has developed an application called ‘PinVentory’ which provides a centralised secure web portal for our customers to access real time records of their inventory and stock. 

From here users can request shipments and run queries against production equipment to ensure the inventory in stock is not incurring additional maintenance cover charges.

Pinacl can also provide the actual warehousing from our secure premises with direct automated feeds into PinVentory and it is scalable on a global level as it is designed to allow for multiple warehouse locations and feeds across multiple regions.

This is just one recent example of how Pinacl are innovating by offering compelling solutions to our customers allowing them to focus on their core business. If you would like to know more about PinVentory and how our global approach to IT project management can assist your organisation, please click hereto get more information: