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How can free WiFi boost profits?

Businesses are always trying to offer customers and clients the best experience possible, and businesses know it’s essential to stay ahead of the game to remain competitive. More and more businesses are investing in fast WiFi and also offering it to customers for free. 

We all understand how important WiFi is to everyone, whether you are watching a video, surfing the web or sending messages. In today’s busy world customers expect to access the internet everywhere. But what are the key benefits to retailers? What do they get in return for offering WiFi to their customers?

Here are four reasons as to why providing WiFi could benefit your business in a big way.

Enhance your marketing 

Certain WiFi solutions allow you to promote your business before customers even sign in. With the vast amount of consumer data now available, businesses are better equipped to cater to the needs of their customers. The businesses that embrace Social WiFi are able to tailor their in-store and online promotions to suit individuals, thus influencing purchasing habits.

WiFi is developing at a rapid rate with new analytical tools available. Location based services are a way in which retailers can learn more about their customers and their in-store journey.

Aside from the standard demographics such as age and gender, retailers can learn more about which areas of the store are attracting the most footfall. This is an excellent tool for retailers as it provides real time analytics allowing for businesses to better predict peaks and troughs based on shopping patterns.

This information can then be utilised to enhance in-store promotions or to improve those areas seeing less footfall.

Customers will spend more time at your business 

WiFi access helps customers stay productive and connected while they're in your store or at your place of business, so they'll want to stay longer. In fact, as many as 62% of businesses report that customers spend more time in their facility when WiFi is offered. And when they're there longer, they'll likely encourage their friends and family to spend more time at your business, too.

They'll spend more money too - really!

You might worry about customers who use the WiFi without spending a dime, but chances are good they'll end up actually spending more. Half of small businesses surveyed said that customers spent more money when free WiFi became available. For retailers, customers can use the WiFi to browse your products and read reviews in real time.

Customer Loyalty plays an important role in retail due to the high levels of competition. Retailers who offer WiFi will gain an advantage over their competitors as it provides another channel of communication with their customers.

You'll gain a competitive advantage 

Many people filter businesses — coffee shops, bookstores, laundromats — based on which ones offer free WiFi. Those that offer fast, free WiFi have a clear advantage over those that don't. The reality is, customers have come to expect free WiFi at most places.

WiFi is definitely here to stay. Over the next few years, the growth of mobile technology will continue to rise along with data consumption. Having a robust network infrastructure will reduce the bandwidth pressures allowing retailers to enhance their offering and increase business.

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