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How GDPR will affect WiFi

GDPR is the general data protection regulation which has been brought in to harmonise existing EU data privacy laws. It will essentially reform the way organisations approach data privacy, and enable users to access, control and withdraw their data if desired.

There has already been some negativity surrounding the extra burden GDPR places on organisations. However, the importance of lawful, transparent, safe handling and use of personal data is significant, especially in today’s ever-growing online society. GDPR is an opportunity for the users of personal data to futureproof themselves and get properly organised so they can continue to maximise the benefits of personal data use.

Organisations should be actively discussing and acknowledging GDPR compliance in order to be set up and prepared for when the legislation fully comes into force on May 25TH 2018. Although this is an EU regulation, the new privacy policy will be well received worldwide. Most organisations already understand the importance of the personal data use code of practise; being transparent and accountable for what you’re doing with data, understanding data assets and managing relevant risks.

How does this relate to WiFi?

Well, in the GDPR legislation, individuals have a right to access the information a company holds on them and if they request their data then the company must supply it to them within one month. This includes any personal data captured after signing in for WiFi using a login page, such as:  Name, gender, date of birth, photo, email address and interests on social media networking websites.

Other areas of improvement that will make things clearer for users under the GDPR guidelines include the Login process and the associated privacy policy and terms and conditions. This could include a terms overview on the login page explaining how the user’s data will be used, or shortening and simplifying the privacy policy so it outlines clearly what data will be collected, why it is being collected and what will be done with it.

How can Pinacl help?

Pinacl understands the importance of data protection and that is why we work with safe and secure WiFi providers, all of which have already Implemented necessary changes to comply with GDPR. This ensures that end users can rest easy in the knowledge their data is being safely looked after and lifting the weight off our client organisations, so they can focus on business priorities.

We are working with our partners to enable WiFi solutions which can provide ongoing access for users to their own personal data after signing up, so they can update their marketing preferences and choose which companies are permitted to send them future marketing communications. This can prevent users from receiving numerous communications which they have no interest in seeing and no intent on reading, whilst also maximising businesses efficiencies, saving them time by only sending communications out to people who are interested. Users will have a profile portal which enables full visibility of their activities, providing a breakdown showing marketing communications received, surveys completed, devices used to login to the WiFi, locations, and method used to connect to the network – users will then be able export their data if they wish to do so.  

For more information about how our WiFi solutions can help your organisation become GDPR compliant contact us here.