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How important is having a backup for Office 365?

Office 365 prides itself on offering a dynamic, collaborative workplace for its customers. Industry leading security and attention to privacy and compliance make office 365 one of the leading cloud productivity suites on the market. 

Some businesses are still reluctant to migrate to the cloud and office 365 is not the whole answer but does form part of most businesses cloud stratergy. This post will examine the limitations of office 365 and also how to ensure you comprehensively ensure all your data is backed up to prevent data loss. 

The limitations of Office 365 Backup 

Email Exchange/Outlook Limitations

Microsoft offers multiple layers of protection to prevent end-user errors in Outlook and Exchange Online. E-mails deleted by users are moved to the user’s Deleted Items folder, where items remain up to 30 days by default. Microsoft has recently introduced a new retention policy that allows an admin to customise a longer or indefinite retention time for Deleted Items in Outlook and Exchange Online. This policy increases protection, but items can be permanently deleted if the user chooses to empty the folder. These items are then moved to the Recoverable Items-Deletions Folder where the default duration of item retention is 14 days. This retention setting can be customised up to 30 days. However, once an item exceeds the retention setting in Recoverable Items- the data is gone indefinitely.

SharePoint Limitations

Unless Document Versioning is turned on, OneDrive and SharePoint only store the most recent version of your content- not it’s entire history. End-users will be able to restore back to previous versions, but this does not protect against accidental deletion. Like Outlook and Exchange Online, OneDrive has a series of folders for protection. In these applications, deleted items are moved to the user’s Recycle Bin where they stay up to 93 days or until manual deletion. Once the item exceeds the retention rate or upon deletion, it is then moved to the Site Collection Recycle Bin where it can be recovered up to 93 days. However, once an item exceeds the retention setting in the Site Collection Recycle Bin- the data is gone indefinitely.

Limitations of Libaility

Microsofts terms and conditions contain a clause restricting their liability to 12 months of service payments, this means that should they lose your data through their inaction, equipment failure or malicious act you have virtually zero recourse and your company could be exposed. Having renetion periods is one thing, having a robust backup is another.

Get fully protected with Pinacl

A staggering 60% of companies that lose critical data shut down within six months of the loss. Data loss, and the worry that surrounds it, can be easily avoided by pairing Office 365 with a complete backup and recovery solution. It is your data, make sure you keep a copy.

Instead of spending countless hours searching for a misplaced file or attempting to recreate a deleted document, why not just restore the data with a simple tool and get back to work in a matter of clicks? Instead of managing and configuring several settings for deleted items, recoverable items, and more for each application within Office 365, you can easily ensure that all data in Office 365 is backed up (for good) and recoverable with a complete cloud-to-cloud backup solution like Veeam.

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