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How the Internet of Things can reduce Housing Maintenance Costs

Housing Associations are under increasing pressure to become more efficient in their maintenance processes and to save money.  The Internet of Things can provide significant cost savings by proactively predicting or alerting the need for early intervention on their housing stock.

Room sensors can now be installed to measure the indoor environment. The small, battery powered sensors can measure room temperature, humidity and optionally CO2, light levels and motion if required.

From the received sensor information, Housing Associations are able to intervene at an earlier stage in houses that without immediate action will likely require substantial remedial works. This has numerous benefits, including:

  • Ability to detect overcrowding in houses through CO2 detection. If CO2 levels are above the set threshold on multiple occasions this would suggest illegal activities or general unhealthy living conditions

  • Help address fuel poverty by alerting when tenants are not heating the house appropriately which could ultimately lead to wider problems for the building and the tenant’s health.
  • Detect anomalies within a property and predict issues allowing proactive interventions to be made – Damp/mould prediction, Heating system failures, illegal use (Cannabis farms).
  • Efficient use of limited resource via simple dashboard presenting detailed statistics across the complete housing stock.

The Challenge of Social Housing

The challenge: Without compromising the confidentiality of the tenant, how do you identify at an early stage the 20% of properties that typically will cost 80% of your budget ultimately costing millions of pounds in refurbishment due to adverse behaviour or other related problems. Identifying these issues and early intervention can prevent the damage occurring and highlight any underlying social problems such as fuel poverty or the residents health being impacted.

The Solution

The solution is to gain real time insight into the environmental profile of each property, enabling the limited resources to be better targeted to support tenants and avoid the costly refurbishment costs.

 Within the Social Housing sector, the opportunity is to provide a solution that delivers real time insight into the environmental profile of each property. Gathering and storing this information enables property type profiles to be generated, trending analysis to be undertaken and intelligence applied to identify anomalies. These anomalies can then be investigated to address issues within the property.

Why Choose Pinacl?

At Pinacl, we can work with you at any stage of your IoT journey. Pinacl is working closely with organisations to help understand and raise awareness of the available technologies and applications to succeed in the 21st century. Pinacl is working with several Housing Associations that are keen to adopt this new technology, with many already seeing a Return of Investment.

Unlike other similar companies, we take time to better understand your specific needs and tailor the solution to ensure the right technologies and infrastructure are selected.

Please call today if you would like to discuss your challenges with one of our Internet of Things Specialists.