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Lifts take us where we need to go, now IoT is taking lifts to a more efficient place

As technologies come together, IoT solutions are now reaching a level of maturity which is enabling their mass production, reducing their ownership costs and in turn accelerating their uptake and demand.

One of Pinacl’s latest IoT offerings is around lifts/elevators, these sensors monitor temperature and vibration whilst fitted on the lift’s engine. The temperature sensor detects whether the motor is at its optimal operating temperature or whether it is too hot, or if it’s too cold which indicates of probable engine malfunction. The vibration sensors can be used to ensure the motor is functioning normally and the lift shaft is not miss-aligned which could indicate too much stress on its cables.

Smart-algorithms can be implemented to predict optimal maintenance visits or to alert mechanics the lift is not operational. This increases lift availability by reducing ‘lift downtime’ (pardon the pun) through real-time insights and diagnostics enabling time-saving interventions and quicker fixes.

The real-time data gives insight to motor temperature, motor current, shaft alignment and door cycles. All this information can be sent and displayed on a single dashboard, providing additional information such as  current floor and overall status. Predictive maintenance means maintenance windows can be adjusted and mechanics are only sent out when required.

Benefits of a Pinacl IoT lift sensor solution include:

  •  Improved scheduling of maintenance operations
  •  Higher customer satisfaction (minimising out-of-service situations)
  •  Proactive lift monitoring, identifying and alerting problems   immediately
  • Reduced costs of maintenance
  • Reduced connectivity costs (by using IoT communications instead of traditional fixed lines)
  • Manage all elevators from a single dashboard, maximising operational efficiencies, accurate real-time information available remotely

Why Pinacl?

The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of connecting everyday objects with embedded electronics, software and sensors allowing them to send and receive data. Assembling, analysing and presenting all this data allows for intelligent decisions to be made either by humans or automatically against pre-set rules. 

Pinacl recognise it is in the interest of everyone to create IoT solutions that minimise energy requirements and environmental impact. Technologies such as LPWAN/LoRaWAN are engineered with low-power consumption and low-power sensors that can work under challenging conditions. Besides being able to be deployed at a long distance from the nearest antenna, battery life will be extended to last for years, thus reducing the energy impact.

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