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How can organisations achieve more by outsourcing their IT

Large and small businesses often choose to outsource their information technology (IT) systems and services for a variety of reasons. Adopting a Managed Service Agreement (MSA) is known to be an efficient way to stay up to date with technologies, have access to skills, and address cost issues that can arise with IT.

Managed Services allow businesses to offload specific IT operations to a service provider. They then assume ongoing responsibility for monitoring, managing and resolving problems for selected IT functions on behalf of the customer, leaving the customer to get on with what they do best – manage their business. At a basic Level Managed Services Providers (MSPs) charges a monthly fee in return for monitoring, reporting on and maintaining their customers IT Services.

The Primary benefit of a MSP is the third-party monitoring and maintenance which is designed to prevent unexpected interruptions in the availability of systems. This will increase uptime and ultimately employee productivity and therefore company profitability.

A Managed Service contract improves network availability, reliability and resilience to failure due to third party monitoring by the MSP. There are many levels to a Managed Service agreement such as the level of support, operation hours, service level agreements are examples that are required.

Why Choose a Pinacl Support Service?

Pinacl support services are broken down into two key areas:

Professional Services - Our People are the essence of our business. Our Professional Services solutions give you access to our team of highly skilled and qualified consultants and architects to supplement and complement your team, enabling you to shorten the time to value of project delivery.

Pinacl Manage - Trust Pinacl to manage the support of your network and telecommunications services so you can focus on your core business. We manage incidents, problems and change, ensuring a reliable efficient and effective end-to-end service.

Pinacl have been successfully delivering a wide range of ICT managed services solutions to both public and private sector clients for over 25 years. We use our industry experience and product knowledge to drive innovation through the crafting of pioneering technology solutions. This approach enables our customers to unlock new possibilities - giving them greater choice and underpinning their success.

Pinacl provide many Managed Service areas such as:

Service Desk as-a-Service, Managed WAN, Managed LAN, Managed Wi-Fi (Public and/or Corporate).

To find out more about how a managed services solution from Pinacl can help your organisation succeed, email: