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Simplify your Cloud Connectivity

Many organisations are following the lead of Public Cloud services such as Amazon and Microsoft to create private cloud infrastructures behind their own firewalls for internal use. 

Those private cloud networks typically position IT organisations as internal service providers in their own right delivering services within their organisation on a per-use basis. Cloud Computing represents an evolution of data centre virtualisation, where services and data reside in shared, scalable resource pools available to any authenticated device over the internet or within an internal network. 

Private Cloud

Private Cloud is a computing platform that provides hosted services to a limited number of people behind a firewall. The cloud remains under control of your IT team and is often referred to as internal cloud or corporate cloud. Private doesn’t have to mean confinement to an organisations Data Centre. The cloud’s pool of physical computers may be hosted internally or externally, and accessed across private leased lines or secure encrypted connections via public networks.

Private Cloud Characteristics

Private Cloud services can vary considerably and so it is hard to define what constitutes as a private cloud from a technical aspect. Instead such services are usually categorised by the features that they offer to organisations. Traits that characterise Private Clouds include:

  • Ring Fencing – Ring fencing of a cloud which has multiple clients accessing virtualised services, which all draw their resources from a distinct pool of physical computing. These may be hosted internally or externally and may be accessed across private leased lines.
  • Additional levels of Security – Additional security, which is ideal for enterprises that need to store and process private data or carry out sensitive tasks. For example, a private cloud service could be utilised by a financial company that is required to store sensitive data internally and who still wants to benefit from some of the advantages that cloud computing brings such as on demand resource allocation.

Efficiency meets the challenges of scalability and Quality of Services

IT organisations must simultaneously meet the demands for increased capacity that their customers demand while also ensuring the level of service those customers require to ensure business continuity. Scalability and the Quality of Service (QoS) requirements create new challenges for IT managers to address.

Why work with Pinacl?

Pinacl is a trusted partner who have real world experience deploying Data Centre solutions across both Public and Private organisations. Our customers will tell you that we have a unique approach to designing complex deployments, crossing both Public and Private clouds. We utilise technology from the leading vendors of security, networking, compute, storage and backup to deliver systems that can be relied on to deliver for many years to come.


Concentrating applications and data in a central place makes them easier to protect but conversely the impact of a breach can be more damaging. Next Generation security systems use network intelligence to understand and manage the data that is flowing in and out of your data centre and can look at patterns on based on who, what and when to control access. Pinacl’s security first approach looks at how we can protect your company datacentre(s) without compromising the value of a centralised infrastructure.