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The Next Generation Of Managed Local Area Networks

Pinacl is supporting the next generation of Managed Local Area Networks with Cisco ISE. Cisco ISE allows us to manage the assets and configuration of all our Cisco LAN customers estates, with security built in as standard, to allow only authorised assets to consume the LAN Connectivity.

Cisco ISE (Cisco Identity Services Engine) enables secure access management, with a single policy control point for the entire enterprise.

Before creating access to anyone or anything, Cisco ISE creates a contextual identity that means it looks at the user, the time, the location, the type of device and even its health to make sure it’s compliant. It then applies the relevant policies to control what information can be accessed. It’s all automatic and it integrates with mobile device management to ensure every device is policy compliant. ISE makes it easy for authorised users to onboard and help secure devices themselves, making guest experiences more efficient with simple onboarding and administration - guest portals are easy to customise, creating rapid access.

Cisco provides a feed service with profiles of the latest devices from tablets and smartphones to IP cameras, phones and printers. Cisco can easily create new profiles for any unusual devices. It recognises every device on the network and as a last resort can even shut down parts if necessary. Cisco ISE brings together the industry’s most rigorous identification and access control technologies in one simple automated solution. Increasing visibility and security on your network, ISE saves you time and money, and saves you from ever needing to wonder about what’s on your network. 

Why now?

Well, virtualization has brought around a vast increase in the number of workloads in the data centre. Cisco predict that by 2020, 50 billion new devices will be connected to networks worldwide – representing a massive increase in potential attack points. It was recently reported that 90% of surveyed organisations were not fully aware of the devices accessing their network, this is a problem because you can’t secure what you can’t see.

How can Cisco ISE help?

ISE’s security management platform is uniquely designed to help you see and control exactly what’s on your network. Recognised by industry experts as the market leader in providing guest access, device onboarding, TrustSec Software – Defined Segmentation Control. Its platform can share rich contextual data (about who and what is on the network) with integrated partner solutions. Contextual data improves the efficacy of partner solutions, accelerating the identification, mitigation, and remediation of network threats. ISE provides exceptional usability, visibility and control across the network for organisations of all sizes.

Why Pinacl?

At Pinacl, we offer a Managed LAN service to report and monitor network performance.  We can report on unauthorised devices that have been added on to the core LAN network to ensure it coincides with IT Managers workflow and procedures.

Pinacl can help layer your security to offer comprehensive protection of your Local Area Network. Pinacl's network designers can analyse, measure and deploy next generation infrastructure to understand the data that is flowing across your network.

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