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Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) - providing the highest quality data transmissions

Today’s network must be smarter and more powerful to keep up with this new world of IT

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Cloud computing, Big Data, and collaborative communications are pushing networks to the breaking point, requiring more bandwidth, reliability, and scalability.

Mobility, globalisation and virtualization are demanding ubiquitous geographic access. In addition to these application needs, IT and network managers still have to manage the business and financial side of the network, ensuring it is as efficient and costs effective as possible.

The traditional corporate network no longer meets the needs of modern enterprises. What is required is a flexible and secure hybrid network that can evolve with businesses as they grow. It should meet business demands for the internet, cloud, mobility, security and performance.

Multi-location businesses need a reliable, flexible, cost-effective network solution…

Connectivity as a service (CaaS) provides simple, cost effective network connectivity for the highest quality data transmission, without the need to pay premiums or manage multiple relationships with multiple service providers.

CaaS combines an interconnected, aggregated data network with some cloud-based application and comprehensive analytics to design, price and buy network connectivity. It further reduces the complexity of buying network services with the benefit of a single Master Service Agreement (MSA) that includes uniform terms, conditions and SLAs.

The benefits of CaaS to enterprise includes:

  • Costs-Have confidence that pricing is competitive
  • Technology & Services – Choose the technology and services that meets your application and connectivity needs
  • Risks- mitigate technical and operational risks – you qualify one provider who has qualified multiple solutions, networks and services
  • People- Automated application and streamlines process improve the performance and productivity of the people
  • Processes- leverage consistent streamlines processes for improved efficiency
  • Information- Gain visibility and transparency to better manage your network to meet your business and IT requirements 

Connectivity as a service CaaS Q&A’s

How fast is the connection?

All your devices will be connected within your office at Gigabit speeds; and your connection to the Internet will depend on the package you choose; either 50Mbps / 100Mbps / 200Mbps / 500Mbps or a full 1Gbps!

What about devices that aren’t wireless?

We all use a lot more bandwidth than we used to! We’d recommend no more than 10 users on the 50Mbps package; 25 on the 100Mbps, 60 on the 200Mbps, 100 on the 500Mbps and 150 on the 1Gbps package. These aren’t limits, just our guidelines. How many users should I have on each package? You’ll also have wired Ethernet switches supplied that provide fast Gigabit connectivity and Power-over Ethernet for things like IP phones and IP cameras. 

What kind of WiFi will I get?

You’ll be getting the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless with full support for the latest speeds and devices.

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