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Dark fibre - A speedy route to success for universities

Technology is evolving rapidly; and as technology expands, so do the demands on your network. As academic programmes and leisure activities at universities move over to ever-increasing multimedia rich content, wide area network bandwidth demands are growing at a phenomenal rate. Delivering the bandwidth, resilience and connectivity required using traditional connectivity options, will incur a sizeable increase in the annual rental and connection charges.

What is Dark Fibre?

Dark Fibre is a term applied to unlit point to point fibre connections. Dark Fibre networks enable clients to connect their own active equipment to each end of the fibre connections,  delivering the speeds/bandwidth they require e.g. 10Gbs, without increasing the fibre costs. Dark Fibre provides a network that is scalable and has the capacity to grow in line with universities’ increasing bandwidth demands.

A typical Dark Fibre solution delivers a Campus wide network that connects separate university buildings and assets, usually based on a resilient ring topology. Connections can be made from large campus sites to the nearest Data Centre or BT exchange for reliable high speed multi-service connections.

How Can a Dark Fibre Solution from Pinacl help your university?

A Dark Fibre solution from Pinacl yields significant cost savings and you can choose to either lease the network (annual rental model) or own the network, giving you full commercial flexibility.  Our solution can deliver a rapid return on investment, it also gives universities the opportunity to support multiple additional services, such as super-fast WiFi access for students across the whole of the university; enabling information to be accessed more readily and providing a resilient foundation for students to carry out research and stream videos/webinars. 

A Dark Fibre Network typically has a lifespan of over 30 years; for Leicester University this meant they achieved a Return on Investment in just 18 months and will now realise substantial savings for the remainder of the fibre's life. 

There are many advantages of a Dark Fibre network which include:

  • Ownership of Dark Fibre Network: Flexible finance options, with the Dark Fibre asset belonging to the University on payment of agreed charges. This means no more traditional ongoing annual rental fees.
  • Near “LIMITLESS BANDWIDTH”: The Dark Fibre infrastructure allows Universities to futureproof their network. Dark Fibre enables you to manage your own scalability through simply upgrading equipment interfaces to meet any increased bandwidth demand.
  • Robust and flexible infrastructure: A dark fibre network enables you to link up to multiple sites without negatively effecting the connectivity, ideal for university campuses.                     
  • Rapid return on Investment: Universities can expect to see a substantial return on investment, which means they will realise significant savings for the remainder of the fibre's life which is typically 30 years plus.

Pinacl has provided its Dark Fibre Solution to a number of universities across the UK, read more in our case studies below.

Why Pinacl?

Pinacl Solutions are a supplier on the JANET Telecommunications Framework. The purpose of this framework is to provide a comprehensive purchasing platform for Higher Education institutions, further education, specialist colleges and council establishments in the UK. All suppliers on the framework were evaluated by JANET to ensure they meet the mandatory quality requirements. 

With over 30 years working in the communications and fibre optic industry, Pinacl have the expertise, experience and capability to design, install and importantly project manage your Dark Fibre network infrastructure solution, ensuring it is tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Pinacl provide a ‘one stop shop’, completing a Dark Fibre network infrastructure solution from initial inception through to completion. This includes all aspects of planning and traffic management required with a civil-based project of this type. We also offer a range of additional services such as design, supply, configuration, installation and maintenance of suitable active equipment to light the Dark Fibre.

If you would like to find out more about A Dark Fibre Solution from Pinacl can benefit your university, then contact us on 01745 535300 or fill in our contact form here and we will get back to you.