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How is IoT helping to drive the 4th Industrial Revolution?

When technology changes the world changes with it. History has been witnessed when industrial revolution has taken over the ages. 

Industrial revolution

The first revolution (1784) was triggered by steam power, this power loom proved that man power is no the only way to progress. Machines joined muscle and reduced human effort.

The second industrial revolution (1870), the first assembly line, the world was brought together by electricity. Telegraph wires and rail roads powered by electricity which drove transformation of the industries.

Then the computer changed everything, IT and electronics met the third industrial revolution (1969). Work places became smarter, technology got personal and communication went mobile. Control processes were automated, and software was defining a lot of automation as appose to humans defining automation.

And now, the fourth industrial revolution is bringing together digital and physical worlds across industries to create and interconnect a global value chain. Powerful technology, incredible connectivity and unlimited information is available at your fingertips.

Break throughs like machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain, robotics and IoT are rapidly changing the way we live or lives. VR, Drones, how is it possible? The reason is that we are able to get real-time data coming from these systems and then making sense of that data. And this is transforming a whole set of industries that we see today.

The consumer is at the centre of a connected eco system that delivers personalised needs at any time of choice.  Business leaders across the world are gearing up to be a part of this eco system and be omni present for their consumers. New players enter and disrupt the game every day while constantly changing the rules. Organisations must change the ways they work and strategise while adapting to the new world. It’s time to leverage emerging technologies and see collaborative opportunities to provide new and personalised opportunities for everyone. Digitalisation brings the world closer by erasing physical boundaries and breaking limits.

Customers want to know how they can leverage IoT to be ahead in their industry. IoT can be things, sensors, devices, people and secure gateways. It’s about connectivity and collecting the data to learn how to maximise efficiencies.

Why in the last 2 years has IoT become so big? Hardware is cheaper, connectivity is pervasive, development is easier and quicker, releases are more frequent and Moores law of doubling computer speed every year continues.

25 billion connected things by 2020 (Gartner), 1.7 trillion industry impact and this is why people are calling it the fourth industrial revolution. You cannot disagree that the potential for the IoT to transform every industry is huge.

Device connectivity and management, analytic and operational insights all connecting back to the business. So how can your business get started? Connect a few devices, analyse your untapped data, visualise what’s important and most importantly integrate the actionable insights with your business.

IoT is not only changing the industry, but it’s changing the way people think. The 4th industrial revolution will be an evolution of goods and services. The network will be the indication of the production of the future, all elements will be connected and will be able to communicate with each other. The network as an example of perfect organisation, every move will be immediately transferred as information.

Pinacl are leaders in IoT and have developed a number of solutions to help organisations maximise efficiencies.  We are creators of Smart Places, working with Councils to create Smart Cities, Intelligent Buildings and Connected Environments. Pinacl can work with you at any stage of your IoT journey to help you to leverage IoT and stay ahead in your industry.

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