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Is your business ready for Digital Transformation?

There’s no escaping Digital Transformation, it’s no longer just a buzzword used to describe digital potential for the future, it’s here, and here to stay.

Essentially Digital Transformation describes improved developments in real-time connectivity and technology between businesses and society. Many companies are already investing in Digital Transformation resources. And it’s not just larger or multinational companies that are embracing the benefits Digital Transformation offers, in fact, it’s often easier for small and medium-sized businesses to employ and adapt to new technology as long as a secure infrastructure is in place.

There are so many different features and components of Digital Transformation, it’s all about businesses embracing change and utilising multiple technologies to make everyday tasks easier. It includes:

  • Hyper-connectivity – the ability to communicate anytime and anywhere across multiple platforms and implementing cloud computing and management software.
  • More powerful and much faster internet connectivity –  through a secure network infrastructure and wireless.
  • Secure cybersecurity that minimises external and internal vulnerability
  • The Internet of Things – connecting environments by connecting devices and sensors to the internet to gain faster insights to areas which were previously hard to collate and collect data.
  • Smart places – from the internet of things and connected environments comes smart places, intelligent buildings and scaling larger, Smart Cities. Smart Places enable new services to be developed and existing services to be improved for citizens, local businesses and anyone associated with the area; whether it be through services such as smart lighting, environmental monitoring, waste management, smart traffic, smart housing, smart parking or access to free public WiFi.

So, we know Digital Transformation is a big thing, but just how big is it?

Well, in the Annual Industry Survey 201762% of respondents said that emerging technologies are critical to the industry’s long-term success. While 53.9% of companies responded that they would increase spending on software-defined networking in 2018.

Just over half of respondents in the survey said they would be investing more in cloud infrastructure and services. While 55% of respondents said they’d be investing in the IoT, closely followed by investment in Big Data/Analytics 46.1%.

In a 2017 report by IDC InfoBrief, it was revealed that ‘customer acquisition, revenue growth and efficiency’ are top priorities for small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. Concerns of SBMs also include also how best to lower operational costs and find the best innovations to facilitate wider customer engagement.

Digital Transformation is a disruptive across all business sectors. Keeping up with required technology changes is important if companies don’t want to get left behind. However, we realise that there can sometimes be a lack of a clear vision of future technology needs and their businesses can face challenges, such as a lack or delay in cohesive decision-making, accessing capital and the right digital tools.  It’s common for companies to become overwhelmed by emerging digital trends, leading them to ignore them, but this will only weaken their chances of remaining competitive. Engaging and riding with the tech trends, with a clear vision and plan for the future is what’s necessary to succeed.

The benefits of Digital Transformation are ever-growing:

  • Business remains competitive, scalable, flexible and resilient – being agile and open to change is one area of business that will always be relevant. We know that business demands fluctuate so we offer solutions that can flex up and down when needed. This approach keeps costs down and ensures business as usual is not disrupted.
  • Increases efficiency and improves data sharing – switching to new, modern hardware and removing old depreciated technology means you can save valuable time and data sharing over your network is crucial to the productivity of your team. Documents and files can be updated simultaneously to ensure that every employee has access to the latest version, allowing employees to work on the same document at the same time without overwriting it.
  • Real-time analytics Improves decision making – Data is recorded in real time and alerts can be sent out immediately, whether that's customer journey’s, air quality measurements reporting on levels of co2, road sensors monitoring temperature or motion sensors detecting movement, having access to data can feed into the wider business strategy.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction – when all communication is streamlined, there’s little room for mistakes. In addition, data gathered can be used to tailor and improve services for customers.

Why Pinacl?

Pinacl have many blue chip and local Government clients, that have trusted us with their technology needs over many years. We can help find the best solution for your business, whether you are looking to transform your organisational processes or seeking to invest in the latest digital technology, we can help you pursue your Digital Transformation strategies.

 We pride ourselves on offering value to our customers and we will analyse your existing systems to provide solutions on how you can approach your Digital Transformation challenges.

So, If you are looking to transform your IT services and need assistance in knowing where to start, then contact us on 01745 535300 or email