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Managing voids and minimising loss of income with Pinacl’s Digital Property Management Solution

In the past, changes to welfare has led to an increase in the number of tenants abandoning their homes. Higher rent arrears and higher repossessions have occurred since residents were given the responsibility to pay their rent.

Property Management Digital

Managing voids and avoiding major loss of income is extremely important for the future of Social Housing associations.

Pinacl’s Digital Property Management enables full visibility into property vacancy. By using sensors to measure and monitor CO2 levels, housing occupancy can be determined in real-time. Data is transferred from the sensors to the dashboard every 30 minutes. If levels are unusually low over a period of time, a warning will be visible on the dashboard. Alerts can be sent to property providers to notify them of vacant properties, thus enabling them to take action and investigate whether the tenant has abandoned the property. On the other hand, If the Co2 readings remain high over a period of time this could indicate potentially undeclared tenants residing in the property, poor ventilation or even illegal activity.

Digital Property Management will minimise voids as property providers will be able to quickly identify vacant homes, helping to speed up the process of sending in any necessary repair teams so there is less time lost in moving new tenants in. This will help to streamline and speed up the process of re-letting.

By having visibility into the housing occupancy providers will be able to identify when builders are present, or even when squatters are present.

Incentive schemes could be set up for residents who give appropriate formal end to tenancy and for leaving them in good, clean condition, - or a naming and shaming scheme could be set up for people who don't.

Insights into property vacancy, will not only help to manage voids and minimise loss of income, but will also help to identify the presence of squatters. Measuring CO2 levels is just one component of Pinacl’s Digital Property Management that brings significant advantages.

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