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Pinacl unleash the ultimate ‘open-access’ IoT Launch Pack for Councils

Pinacl offers a range of IoT solutions that can benefit Councils. We can deploy a range of sensors tailored to meet the specific requirements of your Smart Place. 

IoT city

So, what is it?

It is a subsidised LoRaWAN based IoT solution, leveraging existing investment from Pinacl in a scalable network enablement platform and a hosted dashboard application .

Smart Places enable new services to be developed and existing services to be improved for Councils and the whole community, whether it be through services such as air quality monitoring, smart housing, smart street lighting, waste management or flood management. Pinacl is currently working with a number of councils across the UK to successfully deliver their Digital Transformation strategies using IoT.

Pinacl’s solution includes all the relevant technologies to get your IoT solutions off the ground, these include:

LoRaWAN Gateways - Technologies such as LPWAN/LoRaWAN are engineered with low-power consumption supporting low-power sensors that can work under challenging conditions. Besides being able to be deployed at a long distance from the nearest antenna, battery powered sensors can last between 4 and 10 years, thus reducing the energy impact and improving the ROI. 

Sensor Pack – Experience the benefits and efficiencies IoT solutions can offer from a range of sensors available depending on your goal:

Air Quality Sensors - Air Quality sensors will measure and report on temperature, humidity and pressure and primary air pollutants such as particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5), carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and ozone.  Allowing environmental teams to have access to and collate measurements in real-time more easily and frequently than traditional manual processes.

Road Surface Temperature Sensors - Pinacl can provide the hardware and software required to deploy a network of road surface temperature sensors that use state-of-the-art infrared thermometers, providing accurate, real-time road surface temperature information to support decisions on the deployment of anti-icing and de-icing materials e.g. gritting.

Flood Management - Flood Sensors provide a cost-effective, real time monitoring solution. The units can be used for alerts, early warning systems, and flood prediction within at-risk environments. The sensors can provide the local agencies and authorities with real-time information enabling them to act decisively to prevent floods from occurring or at least minimise any impact.

Waste Management - When embedded with a smart sensor, a waste container ‘becomes smarter’ and can alert city workers when it’s ready to be emptied or trend it’s usage over time. This can slash fuel costs and avoids unnecessary pickups or litter caused by overflowing bins. That may not sound impressive — but the fitting of a simple sensor will increase the performance and efficiency of waste collection, whilst reducing pollution and associated costs. 

Street Lighting Management -  Pinacl offer a ‘quick to install’ system that gives you complete control of your LED street lighting network. It allows you to switch, vary light output and monitor from your computer or web enabled device. Our solution provides an extremely accurate control, monitoring and reporting system covering fault identification, energy use, billing, lamp status, performance data and predictive maintenance. You can save money and energy by only using the precise amount of light you need and by accurately measuring every watt used. You can cut maintenance costs with real-time fault monitoring and by using detailed operational intelligence to improve day-to-day effectiveness and planning.

Social Housing Solution - Pinacl’s housing solution aims to reduce maintenance costs of properties by deploying sensors to gain real time insights into the health of each property, enabling the Housing Provider’s limited resources to better support tenants and avoid costly remedial works or full refurbishments.  Our housing sensor currently monitors humidity, temperature and Co2.

Humidity sensors can provide early detection of conditions which are likely to cause mildew and mould in a house.

Temperature sensors can help avoid many problems including, vacant properties, faulty boilers, poor ventilation and even fuel poverty.

Co2 sensors measure Co2 levels, if they remain high over a period of time this could indicate potentially undeclared tenants residing in the property, poor ventilation or even illegal activity.

The final component to your Smart Solution or IoT launch pack will be an IoT Dashboard – The dashboard Provides on-line access to the Smart City Dashboard which provides an easy to view single point of access for all IoT sensor solutions.


Why Pinacl?

Pinacl is a market leader in Digital Transformation and is currently working with a number of Councils and Housing Associations who are keen to trial and adopt this new technology, recognising the potential for a rapid Return on Investment from Pinacl’s IoT solutions.

Pinacl has installed an open access IoT network within Newport as part of our Smart City offering. This network is available for everyone across public sector, private sector, academia and health to use. Pinacl and Newport City Council have a desire to drive innovation and encourage entrepreneurs within the local area, leveraging the city wide IoT (LoRaWAN) network, Public WiFi and Dark Fibre networks already in place across parts of the city. Working in partnership with Pinacl, Newport are fast emerging as one of the leading UK Smart Cities.

We can provide a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) within your town/city to support the deployment of Sensors and IoT related solutions.

If you would like more information or would like to discuss a tailored IoT Launch Pack to suit your requirements, then contact us today on 01745 535300 or email