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Pinacl’s Digital Property Management - Significantly cutting maintenance costs for social housing providers

Are you struggling to cut maintenance costs?

It costs in the region of £25,000 to fully refit the average social housing property, a cost that our technology helps to avoid.

Cut housing maintenance costs

We know from our research that around one in ten properties have an urgent need of intervention which would require renovation running into tens of thousands of pounds if not detected early on and acted upon.

The sensors give social housing providers a real-time insight into the health of each of their properties. Alerts can be automatically generated if problems arise or are predicted to, ensuring that corrective action is taken to keep property and tenant healthy. Up to four sensors will be installed in homes, typically covering the bathroom, bedroom, living room and kitchen.

By deploying sensors to gain real-time insights into the health of each property, it enables the housing provider’s limited resources to better support tenants, avoid costly refurbishments and slash maintenance bills by detecting issues such as damp, fuel poverty and abandoned properties.

According to Housing Technology’s IoT report: “Despite the relative new-ness of IoT-based technologies, almost half of housing providers (46 per cent) rated IoT as being important to their overall strategies. Over the next 12-24 months, we would expect more and more housing providers to place greater emphasis on IoT as the technology and devices become more established.

Of the housing providers with IoT plans, over half of them are scheduled for deployment within the next 12 months, and around three-quarters within the next two years. And despite 41 per cent of housing providers having no current IoT plans, the figures and associated timescales suggest an explosive growth of IoT deployments by the majority (59 per cent) of housing providers.

The most commonly-cited barriers to adopting IoT are fears that the technology is too new and is as yet unproven (34 per cent), but in time this figure is likely to fall as IoT technologies and projects become better established.”

Pinacl is a market leader in IoT and we are already working with several housing associations who have adopted this technology including Halton HousingNewport City Homes and York Housing.

We know the huge potential our solution has for a rapid Return on Investment.

If you are interested in seeing how our solution works, or learning about what benefits it could bring your organisation then book your free demo today- our Housing specialists will be happy to assist with any queries you have.