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Pinacl’s Digital Property Management Solution – Improving visibility of property health for social housing providers

Social housing landlords are responsible for dealing with most repair problems. However, tenants also have some responsibilities to keep their home in a good state of repair.

Tenants are responsible for looking after their home by using it in a 'tenant like' way, informing landlords about the repairs that are needed, and providing access to have any repair work done.

For social housing providers ensuring housing stock is managed and maintained in the most productive and efficient way is crucial. This consists of ensuring housing stock is kept in good condition by managing repairs and maintenance.

If the tenant submits a repair claim and the housing provider does not complete a repair by the end of the response time, then compensation will be payable to the tenant. However, this could lead to a more significant issue; that the problem worsens and ends up costing far more to repair or even leads to the house needing refurbishment.

In some cases, repair teams are scheduled to attend a property only to arrive to an empty home; leaving them unable to access the property and therefore unable to carry out any repair work. The landlord will usually still be charged for some or all of service despite no work being carried out.

Our Solution can determine whether the tenant is absent or present by using sensors to measure CO2 levels to determine housing occupancy.  So, the data can be used to prove that there is nobody home and the landlord can rearrange the visit, thus saving money.

Alternatively, should the data show that the house is occupied, and the repair teams attend the property but are not given access by the tenant. Then this can be recorded, and in some cases could be used to transfer the fee incurred over to the tenant.

Having visibility into the property occupancy will also enable housing officers and income recovery staff identity when the tenant is home, saving them time on wasted visits and helping to resolve any arrears in a timelier manner.

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