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Pinacl’s Digital Property Management Solution– Simplifying asset management for Social Housing Providers

Pinacl’s Digital Property management solution makes asset management simpler by deploying sensors to gain real time insights into the health of each property, enabling the Housing Provider’s limited resources and time to better support tenants and manage properties more efficiently. 

Asset Management Housing

As many housing providers will be aware, managing a large number of properties can become overwhelming and so identifying problems early on can be difficult. Gaining access to the property can cause difficulty in itself and can often become time-consuming. By using sensors, you will have immediate access to real-time data, eliminating the need to enter the property unless the sensors indicate problems which need to be physically addressed.

The sensors monitor humidity, temperature and Co2 and take hourly readings which are processed and presented on our application dashboard, providing real time and historical access to the information for reporting and analysis.

Alarms can be configured around specific thresholds and will be automatically triggered when these thresholds are exceeded, proactively alerting the Housing Provider to take appropriate action.

Alerts can also be automatically generated if problems arise or are predicted to, notifying the tenants and Housing Provider to take corrective action so that the property and tenant remain healthy.

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