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How the IoT can reduce the risk of Flooding?

With the changing global climate, river flooding in cities worldwide has emerged as an immense challenge to urban resilience. Currently, approximately 21 million people worldwide could be affected by river floods on average each year, and that number could increase to 54 million in 2030 due to climate change and widespread urban development.

The cost of repairs from flooding are significant, costing home owners and businesses £30,000 and £82,000 respectively. Not only are the repairs at high cost, but the average households are required to live in alternative accommodation for 5 months, costing £10,000. The damage that is caused by floods is correlated with the amount of warning that is given. Therefore, with the use of IoT technology and real time monitoring, the amount of damage caused could be minimised. 

What Pinacl offers

Pinacl offers a solution where sensors are easily installed under drains in towns and cities to monitor water levels and the chance of flooding. The sensors can provide the local agencies and authorities with real-time information including alerts, early warning systems, and flood prediction within at-risk environments. This enables them to act decisively to prevent floods from occurring or at least minimise any impact.  

How do they work?

The sensors have a long battery life and data that is collected will be transmitted over a LoRaWAN network. LoRaWAN provides long range, low-speed communication for sensors, resulting in fewer Gateway devices being deployed compared to WLAN, cellular and mobile networks. LoRaWAN provides the capability for fast, secure and cost-effective deployment of IoT smart applications across an area where large distances are involved, within urban or rural environments.

Low cost sensors can be installed on bridges, grids, or culverts. The sensors will then use ultrasound to detect water surface and will then send the data securely across cutting edge technology designed for the Internet of Things. 

Why Pinacl?

Pinacl is a market leader in Digital Transformation and is currently working with a number of Councils and Housing Associations who are keen to trial and adopt this new technology, recognising the potential for a rapid Return on Investment from Pinacl’s IoT solutions.

We can provide a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) within your town/city to support the deployment of Sensors and IoT related solutions. 

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