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100 Years On: The State of Social Housing

This month marks the 100th year since social housing was introduced in the UK.

In 1919, the Addison Act paved the way for councils to build and provide social housing on a large scale.

This was the first time that the government had taken responsibility for providing housing which is affordable and good quality to members of the public.

Originally, social housing only consisted of housing provided by local councils, however, now housing associations are the more popular choice. 

With many celebrating the centenary, it does however raise the question as whether councils and housing associations are fulfilling their pact to create quality housing.

5.8 million renters in the UK have experienced damp and condensation issues, with up to 2 million developing an illness due to poor housing conditions.

A recent study shows that one in 10 council renter who experience a problem within their property had to report the issues more than 10 times before it was resolved.

With 5 million people reporting issues within their property in the past three years, local authorities and housing associations need to take action to ensure their housing stock is suitable for habitation.

What Pinacl can offer

Pinacl Solutions has partnered with Cornerstone to create a new property management solution for councils and housing associations to implement within their housing stock.

Using IoT sensor technology, the temperature and humidity of a property can be measured and recorded. This can then trigger alarms if the property is likely to develop damp and mould, allowing for landlords to intervene.

Damp and mould can cause serious harm to tenant and property health which this solution aims to reduce. Early detection can reduce the amount of damage that can be caused, with the average social housing property costing £25,000 to refit after and incident.