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Report shows that 76% believe smart cities don’t exist

Smart city initiatives are on the rise, with global spending expected to hit $130 billion by 2020. However, the growth of these technologies in the UK has been relatively slow.

A new report shows that 76% of city officials believe that although many have started their journey, smart cities do not truly exist yet.

By 2020, it is expected that 68% of the world’s population will be living in cities. This progressive urbanisation brings with it a range of challenges such as overcrowding, congestion and increased security risks. Cities must be rethought to improve public services, make citizens safer and improve overall quality of life.

The whitepaper, called ‘Smart Cities: Beyond the hype’, investigates smart cities in the UK. It looks into three main aspects of implementing smart cities: the priorities, the challenges and the benefits; covering both the opinion of city officials and members of the public.

Published by Smart Cities World, the research found that 62% of city officials believe the main priority should be a city-wide connection and public broadband. Installing a city-wide connection is imperative to a smart city strategy as it provides the base network for new technologies to be connected to.

However, the number one priority to members of the public is transportation and mobility, expressing a clear need for urban infrastructure to be updated to improve the quality of life of the city’s citizens.

Funding (57%) and finding the right partners (50%) were the main challenge reported to affect the decision to implement smart city technologies.

Once implemented however, they can offer a range of benefits, with 56% of city officials agreeing that they help make the city more attractive to visitors and businesses.

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