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How WiFi can help your business's marketing

From customers in shops, tourists in hotels and students in libraries, with free WiFi being expected by 60% of people wherever they go. The lack of WiFi in a business is said to be more noticeable than its presence.

On the surface it may look like offering free WiFi as a business will only benefit your customers, however once implemented, business owners can begin to use it to their advantage.

One example of how they can do this is by using it as a marketing tool. 

Know your audience

Before allowing customers access the WiFi, businesses can require that they fill in a registration form or connect via one of their social media pages. This provides businesses with key demographics that shows who their primary audience are, as well as what they are interested in. This allows businesses target campaigns to their specific audience.

Require a ‘like’

Asking customers to ‘like’ your social media pages when they login is a great way to increase the traffic on your pages. Each customer’s friends or family can see what they have liked, potentially growing your customer base. This also allows you to advertise to them via a preexisting platform.

Splash pages

When users log into the WiFi, they can be taken to a splash page. This page can be personalised to each business, allowing them to advertise, promote deals, or even offer discounts. Another option could be to take them to the company website, increasing traffic flow and gaining a wider audience.

Ask for a review

Over 93% of consumers are impacted by online reviews of a business. Asking customers to leave a review can be a great opportunity to make your business rank higher in search engines and review site rankings. This also gives businesses to reply to the feedback they receive, building a relationship with their customers.

Email marketing

Upon registration on the WiFi, customers are often required to submit their email address and asked to opt-in to email marketing. This allows businesses to gather a database of email addresses which they can use to send campaigns and promotions straight to their customers.

Push notifications

When customers are inside or even just near the business, they can be sent push notifications to entice them in. This could be about promotional offers and sales you have going on, or even offering them exclusive coupons.


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