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Climate change increases risk of flooding

Earlier this month, MPs approved a motion to declare an environment and climate change emergency in the UK.

Climate change has become an increasing threat over the past year, bringing with it a range of complications for the planet including an increased risk of intense and frequent flooding.

Rising temperatures cause the earth’s water cycle to intensify, increasing evaporation levels. This allows more water to be stored in rain clouds that will eventually have to come down.

Summers in the UK from 2008-2017 have been 17% wetter than the average of those in 1981-2010, and are expected to get worse due to climate change.

With rapid urbanisation in cities, they are becoming more susceptible to surface water (pluvial) flooding. Although the UK has an advanced knowledge of river and coastal flooding, the risk of surface water flooding is harder to predict.

Surface water flooding often occurs when natural and manmade systems have insufficient capacity to deal with the volume of rainfall. When a landscape is turned into an urban environment, the number of impervious surfaces rises, and its drainage pattern is disturbed.

Flooding can cause a wide range of implications including injury, loss of life and damage to buildings, businesses and infrastructure. The cost of repairs from flooding are significant, costing homeowners and businesses £30,000 and £82,000 respectively. 

What Pinacl can offer

Pinacl can offer cities a solution to help with surface water flooding. By installing sensors under grids in towns and cities, local authorities will be able to monitor water levels and the chance of flooding.

With the use of IoT technology, the sensors use ultrasound to detect water surface and will send the data using a LoRaWAN network. This allows local authorities to take appropriate action such as alerts, early warning system and flood predictions.