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UK councils struggle with lack of resources

With constant budget cuts, one of the areas local authorities are struggling to provide sufficient resources for is gritting the roads.

Although councils are responsible for 25,000 miles of road in the UK, including 4,400 miles of motorway and A roads, they often are required to pick and choose which ones to prioritise.

Over the 2018-2019 gritting season (October 1st- March 1st), councils in England stockpiled 1.4 million tonnes of rock salt. However, 55% of councils still had to share the grit they had with neighbouring authorities.

Local authorities have on average 9 gritting vehicles each, although 30% are still relying on others to share. This, along with the 36 Highway England gritters that were written off the road after motorists collided with them, it is clear councils are struggling to keep up with the demand for clear roads.

To determine where the gritters focus their attention, the majority local authorities currently rely on the weather forecast, leading to over-gritting and using resources and supplies to grit roads that don't require gritting. It is clear to see that this method currently used by local authorities is inefficient, costly and is highly resource intensive.

To help with these inefficiencies, Pinacl offers a Road Surface solution that can help local authorities maximise their gritting efficiencies.

What Pinacl can offer

Pinacl’s sensors monitor the temperature of the road surface, alerting gritters of those which are most likely to freeze and reducing the chances of accidents due to icy roads.

We can provide the hardware and the software requires to deploy a dense network of sensors which gather road temperature data. This data is then available to local authorities on Pinacl’s smart dashboard, allowing them to make data informed decisions.

Using a LoRaWAN network and the low-cost sensors, sensors can be deployed ensuring long range and maximum coverage. The sensors can be mounted on lampposts, which eliminates disruption and makes installation and maintenance relatively easy.