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Nearly one third of businesses face cyber security breach

Cyber-attacks are a persistent threat to businesses of all sizes, with 32% of businesses in the UK facing a security breach or attack in the past twelve months.

Often, smaller companies believe that they are less likely to be a target of attacks. However, as larger companies bulk up and improve their network security, hackers are increasingly focusing on small and medium-sized businesses.

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019 shows the most common breaches and attacks business suffer from are fraudulent emails (80%), others impersonating organisations in emails (28%) and viruses, spyware or malware (20%).

Taking this data into account businesses can start protecting themselves, allowing staff to be trained how to avoid these breaches and attacks.

Security issues can cost businesses in both time and money, with 27% of cases taking up staff time and 19% stopping staff from working to deal with the threat.

Published earlier this month, the survey shows the average cost of dealing with a security breach or attack has risen from £3,160 in 2018 to £4,180 in 2019.

Although security breaches can cause many issues, only 33% of businesses have cyber security policies, and among these, only 58% have reviewed their policy in the last 6 months.

Nearly 3 in 5 businesses have outsourced information or guidance on cyber security from outside of their organisation in the past year (59%), including trade associations (6%), general online searching (13%) and external cyber security consultants, IT consultants and managed service providers (33%).


The results from the survey align closely with Pinacl’s belief that no business is too small or insignificant to be at risk from cyber-attacks. Every solution Pinacl deploys has security at the heart of the design. We use Next Generation firewalling, user authentication, end-point control, traffic separation and advanced reporting to ensure that every point of the network, whether wired or wireless, is included in the overall security policies of the business.