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Is data sharing the future for smart cities

The number of cities implementing smart city applications is on the rise, with data playing a key role in the success. Sharing this data across citywide departments and platforms is an essential element of any smart city plan.

With population levels in cities continuously growing, local authorities are taking steps towards making the city ‘smarter’. Cities are moving towards digital transformations and developments that will improve city management services; and as a result, improve the lives of its citizens.

For local authorities running cities, there are a range of obstacles for them to face such as traffic congestion, air quality and flooding. The way in which they often deal with these issues is to install IoT sensors that will provide them with information they need to act appropriately and efficiently. This method often generates massive volumes of data, which is considered a valuable city asset.

Although the data itself is useful, a more crucial component of city management is the way in which the data collected is utilised. Therefore, a data sharing platform could be considered an important and necessary milestone in the smart city journey.

Data sharing sits at the intersection between business opportunities and technology developments, which can help benefit the city in a multitude of ways. These sharing platforms are filled with data collected across the city, readily available for local authorities, businesses and even occasionally members of the public to access.

A sharing platform creates an environment that cultivates collaboration and innovation, which will ultimately benefit the city across smart city applications and sectors. Several cities across the UK have already begun to share collected data, including London’s City DataStore, Bristol is Open, Manchester CityVerve and Leeds Data Mill North.

Providing access to this data can help provide an opportunity to capture new insights, create new service and revenue streams to enhance the efficiency of city operations, as well as proving the basis for analysis and the development of new apps and services.

Pinacl is a market leader in Digital Transformation and is currently working with a number of Councils and Housing Associations who are keen to trial and adopt this new technology, recognising the potential for a rapid Return on Investment from Pinacl’s IoT solutions.

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