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Four Key Consideration for IoT Deployments

The rise of the Internet of Things will make our governments more efficient, businesses more cost effective, and our lives easier.

IoT allows organisations to install sensors, gather data, and then act upon the data in the appropriate way. IDC estimate that by 2025 there will be 61% more data collected by IoT devices.

Although the use of these devices will vary in different industries, there are some essentials that every organisation should consider before implementing IoT technologies.


With the number of IoT devices constantly rising, it is important that organisations prepare themselves for this growth. As the number of devices increases, so does the need for an efficient way to maintain them. By having a scalable platform, they can ensure that they have a system which is able to handle the growing amount of data, allowing them to keep up with the growing industry.


Smart places contain multiple sensors gathering and recording a wide range of different data. By ensuring their platform is flexible, organisations can connect their devices seamlessly, allowing data to flow as it should.

Edge computing

Edge computing allows the data gathered by sensors to be processed near where it is gathered. It can help lower connectivity costs by only sending the most important data instead of all the raw data that has been gathered. Edge computing can also benefit the security and privacy of data by keeping it within the device.


IoT security has become the subject for scrutiny after multiple high-profile incidents. The Internet of Things is still a relatively new concept, but connecting devices opens them up to a number of security vulnerabilities.

The main issue with IoT security is there is no industry standard, with manufacturers leaving it out as it is a time consuming and costly process. However, security should be seen as a shared issue to everyone from the manufacturer to the end user.

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