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Is the new Homes Act replacing PPI claims?

With PPI claims coming to an end, claims management companies (CMCs) are turning to the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act to replace these claims.

UK law firm, Aticus Law, suggest housing claims are currently being stockpiled by CMCs, with plans to target local authorities with high numbers of claims making it more difficult for landlords to have the resources to interrogate the claims thoroughly.

Aticus Law Partner, Louise Shawcross, says she believes that many social landlords are unaware that disrepair claims are the next big thing for claims firms.

She believes it is important for local authorities to act now if they want to avoid needlessly paying out hundreds of thousands of pounds in claims.

Each week, Aticus Law see local authorities and social landlords across England needlessly spending tens of thousands of pounds on legal fees to battle disrepair claims.

Similar to PPI claims, CMCs are using cold calling and leaflet dropping to increase the number of disrepair claims across the country.

In 2014, Aticus Law would see around 5 disrepair claims a week come in, whereas now they are receiving calls every day with claims coming in batches of 20.

Louise Shawcross believes that CMCs are identifying local authorities and social landlords as ‘easy targets’ as they will often pay off any claims they receive without investigating them thoroughly.

How Tempus can help

Tempus is an intelligent property management system that can measure and monitor the health of properties through IoT sensors.

Before the sensors are installed, an MOT of the properties is carried out to see whether there are any structural reasons damp and mould may appear.

Landlords can see the data gathered by the sensors on the Tempus dashboard, with alarms being triggered if pre-set limits are reached.

If nothing was flagged during the MOT, the formation of damp and mould is a result from tenant behaviour.

Landlords can suggest behavioural changes to the tenants to solve the issue, with all property visits being logged on the dashboard.

By having all this information, landlords have all the information they need to prove they have made the property habitable, and any issues are due to the tenants.