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The importance of free WiFi in hospitality

Whilst there are a lot of hotels that do offer free Wi-Fi for their guests, there are still many who still charge extra for access to WiFi.

There are many ways that customer satisfaction can be improved in the hospitality industry, however none of them are as effective as free WiFi. The implementation not only benefits the customers, but also the hotel themselves.

Customer satisfaction

Guests often make bookings based on the Wi-Fi offered, with customer satisfaction often increased if there is free WiFi provided at a hotel. A survey by Research and Data Insights shows that 1/3 of people asked would avoid booking a hotel if it didn’t offer free WiFi, and 90% said that free hotel Wi-Fi gives them a favourable opinion of the hotel brand.

Better Insights 

Having WiFi allows businesses to use the WiFi to gain better insight into their customers. This gives the hoteliers information they can analyse to see customer behaviour; what areas of the hotel are most popular and what areas are underused.  


When guests log on to the WiFi network, they are taken to a landing page that the business can fill with whatever they wish. Hotels could use this page to advertise facilities and promotions they have to guests.

Social media referrals

By providing free WiFi, customers can “check-in” to the hotel on social media, giving the hotel free advertisement to the customers’ friends. It also could encourage them to share photos of the hotel on their social media platforms. This could result in good word of mouth and a bigger customer base.


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