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The importance of LED street lighting

The use of LED lighting is on the rise, with many local authorities implementing the bulbs into public street lighting. 

In the next decade, 216 million LED streetlights will be implemented across 125 countries, with the market expected to grow to $42.5 billion by 2028.

In 2019 alone, 19.9 million LED lights will be deployed, with it becoming the default in much of the world for street lighting.

The cost of LED lighting has slowly declined year on year, becoming a more affordable solution. Although still more expensive than the HID (high-intensity discharge) lights commonly used, the cost of LEDs is balanced out with the potential return on investment that they can achieve.

The lifespan of LEDs is expected to be around 10-15 years compared to 4-6 years for HPS, which can help reduce the labour and equipment costs associated with maintenance.

Using LED bulbs can also save local authorities up to 50% in energy consumption than regular HID bulbs.

Implementing LED street lighting, there is also an opportunity for local authorities to begin introducing IoT technologies. Using sensors, streetlights can be controlled remotely, offering further energy savings.

Pinacl have been working with Aberdeen City Council to implement Scotland's first LoRaWAN intelligent street lighting solution.

Over 3,500 lighting controllers will be installed, along with a corresponding LoRaWAN network and lighting Configuration Management System (CMS). Implementing this solution along with switching to LED lights, Aberdeen are aiming to reduce their energy consumption by 60%.

Pinacl are collaborating with Lucy Zodion who are a leader in the design and manufacture of smart streetlighting equipment and has over 10 years' experience developing intelligent street lighting solutions for smarter cities.

This collaboration combines Pinacl’s knowledge and expertise in the Internet of Things (IoT) with Lucy Zodion’s expertise and leadership in intelligent street lighting, supporting our Smart City strategy and delivering real benefits to Councils across the UK.