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How IoT can help the hospitality industry

One of the most significant emerging trends in the hospitality industry is the Internet of Things. It is therefore important for hoteliers to make the most of the new technology to improve their customer service and satisfaction.

Having one network to maintain and support dramatically simplifies the overall network design and significantly reduces both Capital Expenditure and Operational Expenditure associated with building and managing the Wi-Fi network and IoT apps.

Pinacl are an innovative technology leader and we make it easier to add IoT services to hotels that help to improve the guest experience and improve hotel operations.

Here are a few services that are now being used in the hospitality industry to improve guest experience:

Mobile check-ins and digital key access to rooms

Hotels rely on physical keycards, or even keys, for access into rooms. With IoT, the hospitality industry could implement a system using electronic keycards that are accessible on the guests’ smartphones. This solves the issues caused by the need of spare or misplaced keys.

This could be taken one step further and be linked with check-in process. Guests could be sent their electronic keycard before arrival, and upon first use, will be checked into the hotel. This eliminates the need for guests to queue for check-in and can go straight to their rooms.

Remote management of controls

Using the IoT could allow guests to control devices in their hotel room from their smartphone or from a provided tablet. This might allow them to adjust the heating, air conditioning or the lights, specifying their chosen levels.

Digital voice commanded room assistance

With the rise in popularity of voice-controlled devices, the hospitality industry has started to adopt the technology in their rooms to increase customer satisfaction. By having the devices in their rooms, guests can easily order room service, book a table at the hotel restaurant, or set alarms.

Predictive maintenance

The Internet of Things can also be used for smart maintenance in hotels. Sensors could provide the hotel staff with real-time data about the operating status of different devices and appliances in the guest’s room. This information can alert them of any deterioration or unusual performance and allows them to act quickly on any issues. An example of this could be sensors recognising there is a leak, giving the hotel early detection.

Presence-based management

Using sensors, hotels could track movement in the rooms including whether the guests have left them. Using this information, they could switch off any lights, air conditioning or heating whilst guests where out of their rooms.

Hotels could also use these sensors to time housekeeping for when guests are out of their room. This leaves guests uninterrupted and housekeeping staff plenty of time to complete their cleaning.

Location based services

Hotels can use location-based services to provide the guests with a wide range of information. This could be information on local events or public transport, to assisting them around the hotel grounds and facilities.

The potential IoT services are virtually unlimited. All of the above apps are possible on a single converged Wi-Fi network.  This helps hospitality service providers and hotels overcome the complexity and high costs associated with other IoT implementations.

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