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How IT can help healthcare cut costs

With the NHS being overstretched, it’s no surprise that healthcare providers are turning to modern technologies to help relieve them.

Using these technologies can not only help relieve them from the floods of patients they often deal with, they can also save money and help hospitals run more efficiently.

Electronically recording data

During their stay at the hospital, patients are often hooked up to machines and devices which measure a wide range of data. Nurses are then responsible for monitoring and recording this data which can be time consuming.

Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, believes “we need technology that can run basic tasks and processes more efficiently.”

By implementing technologies that measure and record data automatically, not only will it save money, but will also allow healthcare to run more efficiently by freeing up staff.

Fewer queues

It is common knowledge that A&E services are often overstretched, with many cases that could be dealt with by using over the counter medication.

Using new technologies, healthcare providers can reduce queues through offering remote consultations. Not only will this free up staff time but can also cut down on the number of resources being used.


Modern technology can monitor devices and detect whether they are still working at full capacity. This allows staff to be alerted when they need attention.

Early detection of any issues is key to saving money in terms of maintenance as equipment can be fixed before it has lost its full function. 

How Pinacl can help

For new technologies to be introduced into the healthcare industry, a resilient WiFi network infrastructure is needed as a framework. Once implemented, hospitals can then begin to introduce IoT technologies to streamline their services.

Pinacl have provided Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board hospitals across North Wales with LAN equipment, helping to improve the health and wellbeing of over 678,000 people.