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Why we need intelligent street lighting systems

With 19% of global energy consumption used on lighting, it is clear to local authorities that lighting systems need to be upgraded.

Intelligent lighting systems comprise of sensor technology that allows local authorities to have more control of their lighting system, which can help meet the demands of the modern population.

More control

Whilst traditional street lights can only be turned off and on, an intelligent system allows local authorities to have greater control. Using high tech sensors to adjust lighting levels to changing conditions, this ensures that there is enough light provided.

Improve visibility

About 70% of pedestrian accidents occur during the night, with the most prominent cause being poor visibility due to a lack of light. By implementing intelligent lighting systems, the rates of these accidents could be reduced.

Lower consumption and energy costs

By controlling the lighting levels through an intelligent system, local authorities can manage the amount of energy they are consuming. It is suggested that switching to LED intelligent lighting can save smart cities 40% of energy consumption, which helps create more sustainable cities.

This could have a major effect on our environment as well as saving a great deal of money in the city’s budget that could be appropriated to other projects in the area.

Easier maintenance

Local councils currently rely on members of the public to report any issues with the streetlighting. This system of maintenance is inefficient and can take hours for problems to be dealt with.

Intelligent lighting solutions make maintenance easier as the data collected by the sensors could monitor when a light is damaged or burned-out. This can send an alert to the technician to fix the problem as quickly as possible.


An intelligent lighting system infrastructure is the first and easiest step in the path to creating a smart city as it serves as the foundation to deliver smart city services.

Once street lights have been equipped with new technologies, other smart city applications can be installed on them as well. This helps local authorities implement smart city strategies with less hassle.