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5.8 million UK renters experience damp

A study by Rentokil Property Care shows that 5.8 million renters in the UK have experienced damp and condensation issues. 

With an average family of four producing up to 14 litres of water vapour in just 24 hours, the likelihood of damp and mould is high if action isn’t taken.

Out of those who reported damp and condensation to their landlord, only 49% of cases were given help, with the average time of 84 days to rectify the issue. Due to this, there has been up to 2 million renters that have developed an illness as a result of living in an unfit property.

The research shows that 34% of renters did not have reliable central heating, 44% had no extraction fan in the bathroom, and a further 31% had no window.

With the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act in full force, tenants can now take legal action on landlords who do not ensure their property meets the standards.

For landlords, this could mean costly legal battles, however in many cases the tenant can be proven at fault.

The study found that 20% of tenants do not use the trickle vents in their double glazing, and 36% admit to putting more clothes on instead of switching on the central heating. This demonstrates that tenant’s behaviour can cause these issues.


Pinacl’s property management solution can help provide landlords with the data they need to show they aren’t at fault if legal action is taken.

Pinacl can offer a full end-to-end solution using sensor technology. By implementing sensors into a property, housing associations can monitor and record the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.

The information will be readily available on a dashboard and can even send alerts when the conditions show there is an increased chance of damp and mould. This allows housing associations to take preventative action, assessing what could be causing the issues.