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Landlords required to give evidence to evict

The UK government are looking to remove Section 21 evictions from the Housing Act. 

Also known as ‘no-fault evictions’, Section 21 evictions give landlords the power to evict tenants from their homes with as little as 8 weeks’ notice after their fixed term contract has finished.

The new rules the government are looking to implement will require landlords to provide sufficient evidence and good reason to evict tenants.

For those landlords with troublesome tenants, gathering this data can often be difficult, especially in the realm of damp and mould.

How can we help?

Tempus is a property management solution that can be installed in properties to give landlords an insight into the health of their properties.

An MOT is conducted on the properties to see whether there are any structural factors that may affect the development of damp and mould.

Sensors can then be installed to measure and monitor data, including temperature and humidity, alerting landlords when damp and mould issues are likely to arise.

As tenant behaviour is often a major factor in the development of damp and mould, Tempus also makes suggestions to prevent this including lifestyle changes tenants can make.

By keeping a record of visits to properties, including advice given, provides landlords with the evidence they need to provide they have helped as much as possible, but tenants aren’t cooperating.