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Should universities adopt 'smart campus' technologies?

The Internet of Things is becoming increasingly popular, popping up in our homes, businesses and cities, so it’s not surprising that universities are evolving to keep up with the technological advances.

University campuses are filled with shops, residential areas, banks, transport links, and their own roads.

Just as cities use new technologies to achieve a smart city initiatives, universities can begin to implement these technologies, creating a ‘smart campus’.

A smart campus strategy can help universities improve the services they provide to their students, lower operational costs and improve facility management.

Data can be gathered that can uncover insights into movement in and around campus, including how amenities on the campus are used. The ability to see which facilities are more popular than others can help universities proactively track maintenance and repair requirements.

Although some of these initiatives may have high installation costs, smart campus technology can help streamline the services that students use daily.

According to a study conducted by the Centre of Digital Education and Century Link, 50% of higher education officials agree that smart campus technology could cut costs, and 43% agree it could boost student retention.

However, only 23% believe that their campuses have the infrastructure needed to support smart campus technologies.

To support these smart campus integrations, universities need a robust WiFi network, meaning they may have to invest in campus-wide WiFi solutions.

A dark fibre network could help universities with the increasing bandwidth demands on their network, delivering a campus wide network that can connect separate university buildings and assets.

A dark fibre solution from Pinacl yield significant cost savings, allowing universities to choose to lease the network or own the network, giving full commercial flexibility.

With a lifespan of over 30 years, universities can expect to see a substantial return on investment, with the University of Leicester achieving this in just 18 months.


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