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Can smart cities solve problems?

By identifying issues and finding a way to overcome them using new technologies, cities can begin their ‘smart’ journey.

Urban areas have long been the engines of economic growth and opportunity, which is only expected to increase with the  introduction of smart city technologies, with the global market expected to hit $97.9 billion by 2026.

Local authorities and city planners often turn to these new technologies as part of their smart city journey. However, instead of focusing on issues in the city and how the use of technology could prevent them, local authorities often decide on technologies and determine how to implement them later.

If the governments want to approach smart cities in the most effective way, cities and experts need to work together to identify problems they face and find appropriate solutions.

For smart cities to work effectively and efficiently, they need three components: a problem, a tool and a solution. The focus must be on the improvement to citizen’s lives from the transformation, which begins with understanding issues in the cities.

Pinacl’s technology

Pinacl have a range of real-world solutions to help local authorities with issues such as waste management, air quality, flooding and road temperature.

Pinacl is one of few companies that can deliver the end to end infrastructure and applications that are fundamental to any smart city, from designing and implementing a network to installing IoT sensor technologies.

We are a market leader in digital transformation and is currently working with a number of councils who are keen to trial and adopt these new technologies, recognising the potential for a rapid return in investment from Pinacl’s IoT solutions.