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Social housing spending at an all-time low

Spending on social housing repairs and maintenance hit an all-time low in 2018.

The Scape Group analysed statistics from the Office for National Statistics to explore the decline in social housing standards.

With councils facing huge budget cuts over the years, the total spent on repairs and maintenance of social housing properties fell from £9.3 billion in 1997 to £7.1 billion in 2018.

The reduction in maintenance spending has a severe effect on the quality of housing in the UK, with 4.5 million homes failing to meet the Decent Homes Standard through damp and mould growth, electrical hazards and water supply.

The research also found that there is a clear north-south divide in the amount spent on maintenance, with 60% of repair work in England being carried out in the 4 most southern regions.

How Tempus can help

With over half a million social tenants in England and Wales suffering with damp and mould issues, a property management solution like Tempus can help local authorities with smaller maintenance budgets.

Tempus can help by measuring and monitoring temperature and humidity, giving insight into the health of the property. When issues are likely to occur, alarms can be triggered to allow for early action and preventative maintenance.

Tempus’ knowledge base can also assist social landlords by alerting them when issues are due to tenant behaviour. This allows them to make changes before issues get worse, allowing them to save money.