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1 in 19 deaths in Britain caused by air pollution

The importance of cities monitoring and acting on air quality is made apparent from the substantial number of illnesses and deaths caused by air pollution. In Britain’s cities, air pollution is contributing to around 40,000 early deaths annually, taking more lives than road traffic accidents.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) explains that breathing in tiny particles found in indoor and outdoor air pollution, (PM10, particles of 10 micrometers or more detrimental PM2.5, particles of 2.5 micrometers) can penetrate the lungs and may enter the bloodstream. Air pollution is becoming an increasing issue in the world and can be attributed to 1 in 19 deaths in Britain’s biggest towns.

A new report by Centre for Cities explains how people in south-east England are more likely to die from exposure to air pollution than elsewhere in the UK.

London, Slough, Chatham, Luton and Portsmouth are some of the most affected areas, with 1 in 16 deaths attributable to breathing in toxic air pollution particles.

In 2018, Bournemouth had the highest number of days which were rated 4 out of 10, the level at which adults and children with heart and lung issues are affected, with 62 days. This was followed closely by London with 56 and Southampton with 52.

Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and Blackpool had fewer deaths, with air pollution being the cause for 1 in 30.

What can Pinacl do?

Pinacl’s air quality sensors can measure and monitor the level of air pollutants such as PM2.5, PM10, CO, NO₂ and O₃ as well as temperature, pressure and humidity. The data that is gathered can be seen in real-time along with historical trend data on an online portal.

Gathering this data can provide local authorities with the information they need to take informed decisions on how to lower these levels.

Pinacl has released an Ultimate IoT Kit to help local authorities kick off their smart city journey, which includes air quality sensors. To learn more about the Kit, download the free eBook here.