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15 million in UK living with high PM2.5

Over 15 million people in the UK are living in areas with particle matter that exceeds the World Health Organisation (WHO) guideline.

Research completed by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) shows that 77 local authorities across the UK breached the WHO guideline in 2018.

The ‘We’re Full of It – Progress Towards Clean Air and Why We Need to do More’ report was compiled using annual Defra estimates and putting them against population statistics by the Office for National Statistics.

Released a year after the Clean Air Strategy, the aim of the report is to encourage the UK government to implement the WHO guidelines into UK law, and to educate the UK public about the affect air pollution can have on your heart.

Poor air quality can cause many health issues, with research showing it can be linked to blood clots which can cause heart attacks as well as increased hospitalisation and deaths due to heart failure.

Jacob West, Director of Healthcare Innovation at the British Heart Foundation, believes that “the uncomfortable truth is that UK heart and circulatory deaths contributed to air pollution could exceed 160,000 over the next decade unless we take radical steps now.”

To combat these health issues, local authorities need to take action to monitor air quality levels and make changes.

How Pinacl can help

Pinacl’s air quality sensors can measure and monitor the level of air pollutants such as PM2.5, PM10, CO, NO₂ and O₃ as well as temperature, pressure and humidity.

The data that is gathered can be seen in real-time along with historical trend data on an online portal.

Gathering this data can provide local authorities with the information they need to take informed decisions on how to lower these levels.