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480,000 ‘non-decent’ social homes in England

According to data published by the government, there were 480,000 social housing properties that didn’t meet the Decent Homes Standard in England.

There are 4 million social housing properties in England: 2.4 million managed by housing associations, and 1.6 million managed by local authorities.

The English Housing Survey 18-19 explains how 5% of these properties had a Category 1 hazard according to the HHSRS system, with 5% also struggling with damp issues.

Damp inside a property can cause a variety of issues, including health issues for both the tenant and the property itself. People who are considered ‘vulnerable’ are more likely to be affected with health issues caused by damp and mould. Therefore, damp inside social housing properties is a huge issue as 53% of social tenants have a long-term illness or disability.

Properties owned by local authorities tend to be older, with only 11% of their housing stock being built after 1980. Properties managed by housing associations are relatively newer, with 36% built after 1980. The age of a property has an effect on the development of damp and mould due to the construction methods at the time.

Implementing new technologies can allow social landlords to monitor the health of their properties and be alerted when any issues arise.


How Tempus can help

Designed in Partnership, Tempus integrates professional expertise in damp and mould from Cornerstone; with the technology capabilities and IoT pedigree of Pinacl.

Tempus is designed around scientific factors which cause damp and mould within a property and factors that can cause these issues.

Occupational activity and effective ventilation are key contributors in relation to mould development, but also how exterior construction, external weather conditions and property orientation, can all have an influence on internal conditions.

Tempus records and processes all these factors that can cause mould to produce detailed analysis and automatic alerts pertinent to each individual property – combined with a powerful knowledge base providing possible causes and actions to intervene pro-actively.


Pinacl has launched the Ultimate IoT Pack which includes our Tempus solution. Download the free eBook hereto learn more!