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Air pollution to cause 160,000 early deaths

Research suggests that air pollution could cause an extra 160,000 deaths this decade.

The British Heart Foundation has said that 40 people a day have died from heart and circulatory diseases that are attributed to traffic and other contaminants.

The UK currently subscribes to EU limits for fine particle matter (PM2.5), the pollutant with the most established links to health harms. The charity is urging the UK government to adopt the World Health Organization’s limits into law, which would lower the limit from 25 µg/m₃ to 10 µg/m₃.

Jacob West, Executive Director of Healthcare Innovation at the British Heart Foundation, says “our toxic air is a public health emergency, and we haven’t done enough to tackle this threat to our society.”

Air pollution can exacerbate existing heart conditions and increase the chances of heart attack or stroke. Every year in the UK, 11,000 deaths from heart and circulatory diseases are attributable to air pollution. A rising and ageing population means that these deaths could reach 160,000 this decade.

Professor Stephen Powis, NHS Medical Director: “with air pollution contributing to around 40,000 deaths and four in 10 children at school in high-pollution communities, it’s clear that tackling air pollution needs to be everyone’s urgent business.”


How Pinacl can help

To combat these health issues, local authorities need to take action to monitor air quality levels and make changes.

Pinacl’s air quality sensors can measure and monitor the level of air pollutants such as PM2.5, PM10, CO, NO₂ and O₃ as well as temperature, pressure and humidity. The data that is gathered can be seen in real-time along with historical trend data on an online portal.

Gathering this data can provide local authorities with the information they need to take informed decisions on how to lower these levels.