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Government offering air quality grants to local authorities

The UK government have offered local authorities a chance to receive a portion of a new air quality grant.

The grant, totaling £2 million, is to assist local councils tackle any air pollution issues they face.

The Air Quality Grant Scheme has awarded more than £61 million for a variety of projects since its establishment.

These projects include the installation of EV ports and the development of local online air quality resources.

Environment Minister, Rebecca Pow explains “We know the impact air pollution has on public health, which is why we are continuing to provide funding to local authorities to help them take action and improve air quality for the benefit of schools, businesses and residents.”

To tackle air pollution issues, local authorities need to measure air quality in their cities. Pinacl makes this easy through our air quality solution.

Pinacl’s solution consists of implementing sensors that measure and report on temperature, humidity, pressure, and the primary pollutants such as carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and particle matter (PM10 and PM2.5).

These sensors allow for measurements to be gathered more easily and frequently than traditional, manual processes. All data can be seen in real-time, as well as historical trends, via an online portal. Local authorities can then use the information collected by the sensors to make proactive and data-driven decisions.