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The rise of IoT in social housing

A report by Secure Meters shows how social landlords are looking to adopt IoT in their properties.

The implementation of IoT and sensor technology in social housing is still in its infancy, with 40% of social housing providers have taken no steps towards implementing new technologies into their properties.

However, The Internet of Things and Smart Heat Controls in Social Housing Market Intelligence report shows that uptake could be imminent as 80% of social landlords say they are currently considering a sensor solution.

Unlike most technologies, social housing sensors do not just benefit the household, but can also come with advantages for the landlords. By implementing IoT into their property stock, landlords can be provided with data allowing them to make better decisions.

Sensors will not only alert landlords to properties that need maintenance but can also keep a digital record of the condition of the property.

The introduction of the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act is encouraging social landlords to invest in an IoT solution to help them better manage their housing stock.

How Tempus can help

Designed in Partnership, Tempus integrates professional expertise in damp and mould from Cornerstone; with the technology capabilities and IoT pedigree of Pinacl.

Tempus is designed around scientific factors which cause damp and mould within a property and factors that can cause these issues. Occupational activity and effective ventilation are key contributors in relation to mould development, but also how exterior construction, external weather conditions and property orientation, can all have an influence on internal conditions.

Tempus records and processes all these factors that can cause mould to produce detailed analysis and automatic alerts pertinent to each individual property – combined with a powerful knowledge base providing possible causes and actions to intervene pro-actively.