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How to make a local authority a smart city

With growing populations in urban areas, local authorities are turning to new technologies to help them streamline services in the city.

Before local authorities begin to implement smart technologies, they should ask themselves questions to decide which service they can improve and how. Answering these questions allows them to begin their smart city journey.


Key questions to ask before starting your smart city journey


What problems are council or public currently facing in the city? How can these issues be solved by using IoT technologies?


What data can be gathered through implementing smart technologies? How can this data then be used to streamline services?


How will gathering data and using smart technologies benefit the local authority? How will they benefit members of the public?


How much will it cost to implement smart technologies across the city? Will implementing these technologies help save money? What return on investment could be generated through?

How Pinacl can help

Pinacl has created the Ultimate IoT Pack to help local authorities kick start their smart city journey which comprises everything you need to begin achieving your Smart Vision. This includes IoT gateways, LoRaWAN network service, and unique dashboard application.

The pack offers to help streamline services such as air quality monitoring, smart housing, waste management or flood management.

We are one of few companies that can deliver the end to end infrastructure and applications that are fundamental to any smart city, from designing and implementing a network, to installing IoT sensor technologies.

Download our free Ultimate IoT Pack eBook for free here.