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UK retail suffered worst year in history

The UK retail industry faced the worst year in history in 2019.

With the loss of over 140,000 jobs and big names including Karen Millen, Coast and Forever 21 shutting shop, it is clear that the UK retail industry faced some issues in 2019.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) and KPMG began looking at the state of the retail industry back in 1995. However, for the first-time retail sales have dropped by 0.1%, leaving 2019 as the worst year on record.

The last few months of the year are crucial ones for retail; however, the UK retail industry faced a 1.6% decrease in sales in the last financial quarter of 2019. Although 12% of stores now stand empty, it is not all bad for the high street as food retailers saw a 0.7% increase in sales in the last quarter.

How WiFi can help:

Introducing new technologies, such as free WiFi, could help the retail industry attract people in to stores. Research shows that by installing a reliable WiFi network in their store, businesses can then begin to introduce new technologies which are important to the customers such as an instore tablet (26%), digital try-on options (17%), visual AI (13%) and augmented reality (7%).

WiFi can also allow retailers to gather footfall and customer data which can help them target their customer base more effectively. Free WiFi can also provide them with a marketing platform to push personalised offers to their customers, increasing the number of those likely to return.

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