Pinacl Solutions



Birmingham City University

Pinacl designed and implemented a cost-saving, flexible hybrid Dark Fibre and Leased Line solution for Birmingham City University.

Following the deployment of the hybrid solution from Pinacl, Birmingham City University have noticed a significant difference in the quality of their internet.  BCU is required to carry out a large database transfer each year, this previously took 8 hours to complete however with the new solution in place it now takes less than 3 hours; a 66% saving in time.

BCU are now able to carry out network migrations during opening hours without affecting the production networks. This is down to high bandwidth and resilience and the ability for dark fibre network to support multiple VLANs.

The new network has overcome the issue of bottlenecks and single points of failure that were present in the previous network. Part of the network that was served by a 1Gbps circuit prior to dark fibre network installation is already running 3% higher utilisation since increasing the capacity to 10Gbps.